Boyd Schidt - Structure / Phantom / Structure

The third release from Wavefreform again comes to us from the East, and this time around it marks a reformation of sound for both the label and the artist. Half of the longrunning Georgian duo Greenbeam &... more

Jūras Lietus - DesM / Dark Frank / Direct

For our second release on Wavereform, we continue our explorations into sophisticated sounds from mostly-unexplored areas with the production debut from Jūras Lietus, a 25 year-old Latvian producer from... more

Ivanov - New Sky / Soulphiction Remix - New Sky / Kartraum Remix - Deep

The "New Sky" EP is the production debut of a mysterious new Russian talent known as Ivanov, and about whom little is known past his reclusive Buddhist existence and his background in guitar, which is clearly... more