Boyd Schidt - Structure / Phantom / Structure

The third release from Wavefreform again comes to us from the East, and this time around it marks a reformation of sound for both the label and the artist. Half of the longrunning Georgian duo Greenbeam & Leon, Boyd Schidt is a producer with over a decade of work already under his belt whose first releases emerged in 2007. As a solo artist, his career dates to 2010 with digital releases on Georgia’s FRONT REC, FVF Records, and Emote Music, and a track on the new vinyl compilation from studio r°.

With the hard, broken kick pattern, elevated tempo, and nods to electro, the A-side ‘Phantom’, a collaboration with Subex, is a change of pace for the artist and the hardest thing yet to emerge from Wavereform. Dubwise use of effects

shows the same hands still at work, but the sound elements, granulated blasts of static and drop-based structure of the track hold strong parallels to the rejuvenated techno sound currently emerging from the UK.

The B-side, ‘Structure’, recalls the previous work of the artist: subtle, building dub techno rich in detail and with the dancefloor firmly in mind. There is clear experience at work here with his deliberate deployment and manipulation of elements as the track struts along while enveloping the listener in its smaller details. As it pauses and takes an extended breakdown, the details rush forwards, but it finds renewed force to power itself to the close. Coming in this case from an established producer with a long history, this kind of control is not surprising, but it is more indication of the riches of the East that have yet to be discovered by audiences worldwide.