Juras Lietus - Starp / Steiga / Begums


 After the immersive techno pulse of Qindek’s Effe 12”, Wavereform is thrilled to present the return of rising Lativan talent Juras Lietus to our label for our fifth release. His debut single Des-M marked our second release in 2014, and while the artist remains something of a mystery outside of his home city of Riga, his productions sport the kind of well-travelled tones that transcend geographical location to deliver an infectious message.

The single kicks off with metallic thump of “Steiga”, which leaps out from the very start with an addictive chord line and a well-rounded kick. Juras Lietus handles the progression of his track with poise, feeding in a rich tapestry of percussive elements and teasing the filter on that distinctive synth to give the track a fluid, psychedelic flavour. Balancing these elements out is a warm, undulating bassline that injects a joyous energy into the track, while the soul-stirring speech sample should be familiar to any socially conscious dancer. It’s a production that satisfies the needs of a party-hungry dancefloor while equally delivering the internal reflection that comes with all great dub techno. 

On the B-side, “Begums” heads into deeper territory with an intricate percussive arrangement that speaks to Juras Lietus love of hyper-detailed production. The sound design is key in this track as flamboyant arrays of tones and textures dart around the mix to create a disorientating but ultimately comforting effect. Don’t be mistaken though, this is still prime club material that bristles with energy to suit any hour of the night.


On this record Juras Lietus manages to satisfy on many levels, with icy tonal qualities matched by warm melodics, meditative moods underpinned by a fierce vigor and accomplished production channeling immediate ideas. It’s the kind of record that instantly inspires a pronounced reaction from the listener, whichever of his skills they personally respond to, and we couldn’t ask for more.