New Sky

Ivanov - New Sky / Soulphiction Remix - New Sky / Kartraum Remix - Deep

The "New Sky" EP is the production debut of a mysterious new Russian talent known as Ivanov, and about whom little is known past his reclusive Buddhist existence and his background in guitar, which is clearly evident on the title track. Underlain by rising and falling atmospheric washes and understated percussion, 'New Sky' is propelled by a funky, jazzy and clearly organic keyboard solo that closely approximates his familiar stringed instrument in texture, tone, and musical development.

Next up is minimal legend Soulphiction, who masterfully beefs up the original with a fat, growling bassline and more aggressive, hard hitting drums and claps that take the dreamy mood of Ivanov's track and transform it into something more cosmic and psychedelic while retaining its musicality.

On the flip, a new tune entitled 'Deep' gets revisited by Lucidflow label heads Klartraum, who have recently shifted their digital imprint to vinyl. Here they bring things towards the dubbier end of the spectrum with a slow-building track that goes from hazy beginnings to an ominous, dramatic breakdown and then into a harder grooving second half.

Taken together, these three tracks are an auspicious beginning for a new name and label, and in fulfilling the stated goals offer great promise of things to come.