Jūras Lietus - DesM / Dark Frank / Direct

For our second release on Wavereform, we continue our explorations into sophisticated sounds from mostly-unexplored areas with the production debut from Jūras Lietus, a 25 year-old Latvian producer from Riga whose mysterious origins in this out-of-the-way locale may surprise listeners, but whose sound fits very well into the label’s mission to reform the sound sphere with simple and elegant tracks that demand attention and bring unknown talent deserved notice. Lietus wastes no time in showing off his developed dub techno style on “Dark Frank ” as the bold, well-defined contours of the bottom end are contrasted with gentler ambient textures in the opening; it acquires more force as it moves along as he adds harder percussion patterns to the framework while the dense atmospherics progress barely in the background. “Direct” is the more subtle and atmospheric of the pair, as crisp, delicate drums develop slowly while also suggesting melody. It too gains strength as it goes though, with ricocheting percussion and a barely-controlled feedback wail leading into a dramatic breakdown before he slowly winds things down in the detail-rich final section. Jūras Lietus and Latvian techno may be mostly unknown, but this strong showing for Wavereform 002 reveals much still to be uncovered in these Eastern lands.